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PortelloCMS Admin is the administration section of the new and innovative Portello CMS system. With PortelloCMS Admin , you decide which pages and which areas your user will be able to edit. In minutes you can set up PortelloCMS Admin to administrate a pre-existing website, afterwards your users can begin immediately editing their sites with the help of PortelloCMS Client. As the administrator working with PortelloCMS Admin, you give your users the possibility to edit their own website and areas as you decide. By just clicking and pointing, you mark which areas of each page will be editable by each respective user. Homepages or individual sites don?t need to be re-written, no database needs to be added, log-in pages don?t need to be created: PortelloCMS Admin can be used with any webserver, and no ad-ons are required to the server. With PortelloCMS Admin, you administer an unlimited number of homepages as well as an unlimited amount of users, all depending on the administrators? and users? needs. Portello is an innovative, quick, and simple system designed to edit existing homepages. Portello is a plug-in to Internet Explorer. The system can be used for all types of homepages, regardless of the tools the original website was created with or the type of server the homepage is stored on. Even though it is quick and simple, Portello is one of the most powerful CMS systems available on the market.

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